Organization and System Development

Organization & Sytem Development (OD) is the practice of helping organizations solve problems and reach their goals.

NatureSolutions Ltd’s (NSL) collaborates with organization and community leaders and their groups to create systemic change and root-cause problem-solving on behalf of improving productivity and employee satisfaction through improving the human processes through which they get their work done.  These objectives can be achieved through:

  • Use of self as an instrument of change in organisations, community and groups;
  • Recognise, embrace and employ multiple realities and resistance as positive forces for change;
  • Manage diversity and minority opinion for creativity;
  • Facilitate meaningful dialogue and contact within organisations and across systems;
  • Manage boundaries as a change agent, while respecting the boundaries of the client system in which to intervene;
  • Appreciate different levels of system (individual, interpersonal, sub-group and organisational) and how to effectively engage at these levels;
  • Observe patterns of behaviour or transactions in organisations, communities and groups and to selectively share observations as meaningful interventions for change
  • Recognise and manage conflict;
  • Recognise and handle one’s own emotions effectively in service of self and others in a system;
  • Work across multiple cultures in the organisations, communities and groups setting