Urban & Infrastructure Development

  • ESIA, Kumasi Central Market, KMA/Contracta, 2018  
  • ESIA, Takoradi Market Circle, STMA/Contracta, 2020 
  • E&S Audit and Supervision, Municipal & District Assembly Markets 

Project Management

Project Management  is the planning, development and implementation of a specified project to meet agreed upon objectives and goals.  NatureSolutions Ltd (NSL) employs the skills, tools and techniques to assess the risk of a project and reduce those risks accordingly to arrive at quick, effective decisions that will not only aid the project along the road to completion, but also turn out to be the most cost-effective choice for the client.

The Project management skills for effective project management employed by NatureSolutions Ltd’s (NSL) include:

  • Project Management Knowledge Competency:   This refers to what the project management team knows about project management.
  • Project Management Performance Competency:  This refers to what the project management team is able to do or accomplish while applying their project management knowledge.
  • Personal Competency:   This refers to how the project management team behaves when performing the project or activity.

The Interpersonal skills management for effective project management employed by NatureSolutions Ltd’s (NSL) include:

  • Effective communication:   The exchange of information
  • Influencing the organization:  The ability to “get things done”
  • Leadership: Developing a vision and strategy, and motivating people to achieve that vision and strategy
  • Motivation: Energizing people to achieve high levels of performance and to overcome barriers to change
  • Negotiation and conflict management: Conferring with others to come to terms with them or to reach an agreement
  • Decision Making: Ability to take decision independently.
  • Political and cultural awareness:  Important to handle various personal and professional issues.
  • Team Building:   Ability to create a productive team.

Environmental Management Services

NatureSolutions Ltd   provides management guidance, compliance, implementation services, training and support for the Environment, Social and Health & Safety. We deliver this service through highly skilled staff.  The specialized services include:

Environmental Impact Assessment;

Socio-Economic Baseline Studies;

Strategic Environmental Assessment;

Cleaner Production Assessment;

Environmental Management Systems (EMS);

Environmental Effects Monitoring;

Solid waste Management and Recycling;

Industrial Pollution Control.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Resettlement Analysis and Planning

Environmental Management Planning

Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Auditing

Planning and Permitting;

Sanitation and Waste Management

Water Resources and Quality monitoring

Environmental Education

Occupational Health and Safety

Organization and System Development

Organization & Sytem Development (OD) is the practice of helping organizations solve problems and reach their goals.

NatureSolutions Ltd’s (NSL) collaborates with organization and community leaders and their groups to create systemic change and root-cause problem-solving on behalf of improving productivity and employee satisfaction through improving the human processes through which they get their work done.  These objectives can be achieved through:

  • Use of self as an instrument of change in organisations, community and groups;
  • Recognise, embrace and employ multiple realities and resistance as positive forces for change;
  • Manage diversity and minority opinion for creativity;
  • Facilitate meaningful dialogue and contact within organisations and across systems;
  • Manage boundaries as a change agent, while respecting the boundaries of the client system in which to intervene;
  • Appreciate different levels of system (individual, interpersonal, sub-group and organisational) and how to effectively engage at these levels;
  • Observe patterns of behaviour or transactions in organisations, communities and groups and to selectively share observations as meaningful interventions for change
  • Recognise and manage conflict;
  • Recognise and handle one’s own emotions effectively in service of self and others in a system;
  • Work across multiple cultures in the organisations, communities and groups setting

Water quality testing

NSL offers a wide range of ground water, waste water, and drinking water testing and analysis laboratory services in support of Environmental Compliance, site remediation, studies, and other projects. We also offer complete service for the following:

  • Marine Potable Water Quality Testing;
  • Cooling Water conditioning and control;
  • Microbiological water testing; and
  • Sea water Analysis

Noise Mapping & Dispersion Modelling

Noise pollution is genuine threat to human health and the quality of life and presents one of serious factors that local agencies and state authorities have to consider in development planning. Noise dispersion modelling can be helpful in the planning and decision making processes for reducing the noise pollution. NSL uses noise dispersion models to assess and monitor the influence of the noise effects and for land-use planning as one of the method of effective and economic noise control.

Stack Air Emissions Monitoring and Analysis

Stack emissions parameters; CO, CO2, NO, NOx, NO2, SO2, O2, H2S, gas temperature, gas velocity, system efficiency, smoke index, mass emission rate etc.) at the time and on-site

Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis

Monitoring Parameters; sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4), volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

particulate matter; (TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM1) Meteorological Parameters; temperature and relative humidity

Environmental & Social Consulting

NatureSolutions Limited practice and offer services in the fields of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Plans (EMP), Environmental Monitoring Studies (EMS), Environmental Sensitivity Analysis (ESA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS), Environmental Auditing (EA), Preliminary Environmental Reports (PERs), and Annual Environmental Reports (AERs) for industry and private sector. Our wide experience in environmental assessment processes and regulatory requirements constantly toughen to the benefit of our clients.